6 Games To Play After SGF Showcase

Jedis and other Star Wars characters engage in combat.

Image: Disney

Play it on: Switch, iOS, Android
Current goal: Unlock more cosmetic shite I don’t care about

The truth is, I’m going to spend as much of the weekend as I can playing Star Wars: Hunters. I’ve no idea what’s happened to me. I think I blame Zack. But I—a person who barely cares about Star Wars, and has no time whatsoever for multiplayer shooters—am thoroughly enjoying this Team Fortress 2-Lite mobile game.

I do find the controls a little clumsy on my phone. It’s the jump button more than anything else, it seems to sit just where none of my fingers want to find it, and I really feel like it should be an option to have it be a double-tap. But, whether because I’m constantly fed ego-boosting bots, or I’m preternaturally good at the game (I’m assuming it must be the latter), I keep on winning matches, unlocking stuff, and opening new modes (that all appear to be the same mode, but shhhhh), and that feedback loop has its claws in me.

I can see why some would not be impressed at an FPS without a fire button, but given the touchscreen controls, it makes a lot of sense to require just the “point” element of “point and shoot,” and heck, if it bothers you that much, there’s a toggle in the options. Personally, I am loving the loop, having a madcap fight which causes all manner of meters to fill up which unlocks so much stuff I absolutely don’t care about but am glad I unlocked anyway. Also, playing as a Wookiee is stupidly fun. — John Walker

And that wraps our games list for the weekend. Happy gaming!

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