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Last year #WeArePlay went on a virtual tour of India, Europe and Japan to spotlight the stories of app and game founders. Today, we’re continuing our tour across the world with our next stop: Australia

From an app helping people during natural disasters to a game promoting wellbeing through houseplants, meet the 50 apps and games companies building growing businesses on Google Play.

Let’s take a quick road trip across the territories.

Tristen’s app gives accurate information to people during natural disasters

Tristen, founder of Disaster Science

Tristen, founder of Disaster Science

Meet Tristen from Canberra, founder of Disaster Science. When Tristen was stranded by a bushfire with friends during a holiday, he realized the need to have accurate information in a crisis situation. Moved to help others, he leveraged his software development skills to create his app, It collects data from multiple sources to give people an overview of fires, floods, road closures, and vital weather updates.

He has recently added real-time satellite imagery and has plans to expand further internationally, with coverage of region-specific events like cyclones, earthquakes, evacuations and heat warnings.

Christine and Lauren’s promotes wellbeing through houseplants

Christine and Lauren, co-founders of Kinder World

Christine and Lauren, co-founders of Kinder World

Friends Christine and Lauren from Melbourne co-founded gaming company Kinder World. As a child, Lauren used video games to soothe the pain of her chronic ear infections. That was how she discovered they could be a healing experience for people—a sentiment she dedicated her career to. She partnered with engineer Christina to make Kinder World: Cozy Plants.

In the game, players enter the comforting, botanical world of houseplants, home decoration, steaming hot coffee, and freshly baked cookies. Since going viral on several social media platforms, the app has seen huge growth.

Kathryn’s app helps reduce stress and anxiety in children

Kathryn, founder of Courageous Kids

Kathryn, founder of Courageous Kids

Kathryn from Melbourne is the founder of Courageous Kids. When Kathryn’s son was anxious and fearful whenever she dropped him off at school, as a doctor, her instincts for early intervention kicked in. She sought advice from pediatric colleagues to create stories to explain his day, making him the main character. Friends in a similar situation began to ask her for advice and use the stories for their own children so she created Courageous Kids.

A library of real-world stories for parents to personalize, Courageous Kids helps children to visualize their day and manage their expectations. Her app has become popular among families of sensitive and autistic children, and Kathryn is now working with preschools to give even more kids the tools to feel confident.

Discover more #WeArePlay stories from Australia, and stories from across the globe.

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