Approaches & Inspiration for Retirement Lifestyles in Mexico

People who consider Mexico as a place for retirement will approach the opportunity from different perspectives and with variable time frames in relation to the moment they intend to retire.

This article explores the typical situations people tend to approach retirement planning in Mexico, as well the typical lifestyles they tend to pursue when they arrive here.

Common approaches to retirement in Mexico

Everyone’s situation is unique, although generally, those considering Mexico for retirement tend to be typically fall into one of these situations:

People who know Mexico well and are planning ahead

People currently in their middle age who know Mexico quite well, have visited frequently —possibly since their childhood on family vacations— and are considering Mexico as a place to retire to when their children grow-up and leave home, and they retire from work. They might already own a home here or they might be thinking about buying one in preparation for their retirement.

Those who discover Mexico by serendipity and add it to their shortlist

People in their adult or middle ages who visit Mexico for the first time, very much enjoy the country, get a good feel for it, and start to think about Mexico as a potential place for retirement.  They might return several times, and they might buy a home here that they intend to use for an eventual retirement to the country.

Older people approaching retirement age and considering options for places to retire to

Another group of people who explore Mexico for retirement are those approaching retirement age (typically, within five years) and who then start to actively consider what to do, and where to go, when they retire.

They may be undecided about whether to stay in their home country, or move abroad, and if they move abroad, Mexico may be one of several destinations they are considering for retirement.  They are probably familiar with Mexico through having visited here before.

About to retire, making choices

Some people leave retirement plans to the last minute, perhaps because they have been engulfed in busy working situations and raising families, and who have not had time to step back and consider their choices in much detail.

When people find themselves rapidly approaching retirement age (usually within the next year), or those who have decided to retire earlier than anticipated, discover that they need to start narrowing-down some potential choices about how they might organize their retirement years—and those plans may include Mexico as possible retirement haven.

Already in retirement, considering changes

People already in retirement and, for a multitude of reasons, considering a move to Mexico as part of a change of retirement lifestyle.

Key reasons may include things like seeking a better climate (possibly overwintering in Mexico), seeking a better quality of life, getting access to affordable healthcare and/or senior care services, and for those concerned about finances—seeking a place where the cost of living is lower than in their home country so that their pension income can stretch further.

Some people might retire to Mexico because family have moved here, or close friends have made the move and they want to avail themselves of a similar retirement lifestyle others have created here.

Typical retirement lifestyles in Mexico

Regardless of your approach or planning stage, your retirement in Mexico will ultimately be formed around your own interests, priories, and lifestyle choices.

Retirees in Mexico enjoy agreeable climates, delicious food, a warm and welcoming culture with friendly people amidst an environment that offers unusual and interesting traditions that are nonetheless familiar.

Here is summary of typical lifestyles and pastimes retirees in Mexico come to enjoy, to give you some insights and inspiration about the ways in which others have come to Mexico and cultivated wholesome lifestyles here as part of their retirement.

Wide choice of location types

Some retirees move to popular locations where there are existing and thriving communities of foreign residents present.  Others choose to move into live in emerging locations that are less populated by foreign residents, whereas some  choose places off the beaten path and make efforts to integrate themselves there.

In addition to choosing a location by its notoriety, retirees can choose places by climate and by topography: Mexico offers hot coasts and cool colonial cities to live in.  Learn about Mexico’s climate zones and its seasons throughout the year.

Engage in your personal interests

For those with hobbies and pastimes, the hobby or interest can almost always be pursued in Mexico. In the unlikely event that a local group or society related to those interests doesn’t already exist, consider starting a new group of your own.

Many people continue their existing passions for arts and crafts or take up new pastimes including photography, painting, writing, and theatre—using Mexico as their landscape and inspiration. Some find that their work can be sold inside or outside Mexico, supplementing their income.

If you view your retirement as an opportunity to improve your golf, Mexico has no less than three of the world’s top ten golf courses for you to try—and dozens more situated all over the country.

Read more about your motivations for moving, settling-in to Mexico, and finding your own pace and rhythm here.

Excellent transport and communications

Mexico’s transport infrastructure is excellent, so it’s easy to travel and visit different regions in Mexico, as well to get to-and-from your home country.  It’s also easy for family and friends to visit you here too. Learn more about transportation choices in Mexico.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is easy, and affordable. High speed internet services are ubiquitous in Mexico and will enable you keep in touch with family, friends, and other associations you have with ease and at minimal cost.  You can learn about communications services in Mexico here on Mexperience.

Volunteering and social work

Some people get involved in social and volunteer work: helping local communities to build new infrastructure, getting involved in charity work, sharing their expertise, knowledge, and experience of life with others, and making a significant and positive contribution to the communities where they choose to live in a wide variety of ways.

Some people work part time in their retirement, either on a self-employment basis, or working at an established firm to share their life experience and expertise. Learn more about working in Mexico here on Mexperience.

An opportunity to learn or improve your Spanish

There’s no better time to learn or improve your Spanish. Surrounded by the language, engulfed in a country passionate about its history and culture, Mexico is ideal place to improve your Spanish language skills.

Learn why Spanish is a good investment in your retirement lifestyle, study the nuances of Mexican Spanish in everyday usage, and find Spanish language courses.

Alternative lifestyles in retirement

If you prefer alternative lifestyles, you can, for example, come to retire in Mexico in in a more secluded setting if you want to by buying a rural property surrounded by picturesque landscape.

Alternative lifestyles can also be formed in one Mexico’s colonial mountain towns which have immediate (or close-by) access to local services and amenities, surrounded by the local communities, sharing their culture and their way of life.

Some retirees come to Mexico to simplify their lifestyle, and Mexico can facilitate this if you make choices accordingly, regardless of where in Mexico you live.

Further research and resources

Mexperience offers you a comprehensive online resource of information and local knowledge to help you discover Mexico, explore choices, find opportunities and plan a new life in Mexico.

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