Arranging Medical Air Evacuation from Mexico

Most people who visit Mexico or live here (full or part-time) have some kind of medical insurance, and while that provides certain worthwhile coverages, sometimes a fully-managed medical evacuation plan might be necessary.

Cover for critical situations

Medical air evacuation isn’t for patients who are mobile and suffering from turista or sea-sickness, it’s for those who suffer catastrophic illness or accidents while away from home; primarily cardiac events, strokes, or serious vehicle accidents.

No matter where in the world you are going, from the most remote region to an urban center teeming with people, if you have a serious health issue and want to make certain that you can get from wherever you are to specific medical facilities back home as quickly as possible, you’ll need a medical evacuation plan designed to transport you to your doctors, your family, your healthcare network—and a hospital of choice in your home country.

You may have arrived at your destination aboard a commercial airline, but if you’re showing signs of serious illness, you may not be allowed to board to get back home. If you can’t get home, you may have a long convalescence period in a foreign country —away from family and friends— unless you are evacuated.

Medical evacuation coverage is far more than a private flight home

We spoke with Grant Conway of Travel MedEvac Insurance, a US-based medical evacuation insurance plan provider for travelers and foreign residents, to learn more about air medical evacuation. What we discovered is that medical evacuation is much more than a private flight.

Yes, there are planes with pilots and medical personnel on standby; however, to offer a safe, reliable, and high quality bed-to-bed service—where you are taken from one hospital room via ambulance to the nearest airport, flown to your destination city abroad, with another ambulance to the hospital of your choice—it’s essential to have a highly-accredited provider who can manage the complex logistics.

With a medical evacuation plan in place, everything is taken care of for you: including consultation with all the relevant medical professionals, and fully-managed ground and air transportation in tandem with the complex logistics involved to carry out international medical repatriations.

It’s expensive and complex if you don’t have a cover plan

Although you can work directly with an air-evacuation company, the costs are high—typically in the tens of thousands of US-dollars per incident. Most people who receive a medical evacuation do so under the auspice of a medical evacuation plan from a company like Travel MedEvac insurance, that offers fully-underwritten medical evacuation insurance plans lasting from days to a whole year.

While air evacuation plans may not necessarily be considered  by some foreign residents and snowbirds who intend to receive all of their medical care in Mexico, there are some who prefer being treated in their home town, by doctors they know and trust—and near the support of family and friends as they recover. Having a medical evacuation plan can facilitate that when warranted by the circumstances.

You can learn more on our extensive guide to Medical Evacuation from Mexico—that describes in detail what a medical evacuation service is, who needs it, and how to arrange a suitable plan.

Arrange a Medical Evacuation Insurance Plan

Travel MedEvac is a company that works hand-in-glove with Air Ambulance Worldwide and is committed to the highest standards of medical evacuation.

The company offers only fully-accredited, regulated, and underwritten air medical evacuation insurance plans for visitors as well as foreign residents living in Mexico.

Plan terms and options vary based on the country of origin and the type of plan selected, all of which carry no deductibles.  Get a quote.

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