Comprehensive Guide to Retirement in Mexico

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For decades, Mexico has been one of the world’s most popular destinations for retirees, being especially attractive to people moving here to retire from the United States and Canada—although people from Europe and Australasia are also beginning to discover the benefits Mexico offers to retirees.

Key reasons why Mexico is attractive to retirees

The country’s popularity as a retirement destination is underpinned by a variety of key elements and characteristics that are especially attractive to retirees, which include:

Retirement lifestyles underpinned by key benefits

People who arrive in Mexico to live and retire here can lead active, healthy, lifestyles underpinned by Mexico’s agreeable climates, first-class amenities, and affordable living costs.  Some who have come to retire in Mexico and consider the country their natural home comment on how they value and appreciate their enjoyable lifestyles and activities, and how they feel settled, safe, and content in Mexico.

When you’re considering a move to Mexico it makes sense to take a step back and:

Learn more about retirement lifestyles in Mexico

Begin exploring your choices for a new and different life in Mexico:


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