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Mexperience publishes helpful information and local knowledge that enables you to discover Mexico, explore your options, and make informed choices you make your plans for lifestyle and leisure experiences.

Mexico Assistance Services bridge the gap

Mexperience helps you take the next steps and bridge the gap between your planning and making those plans happen.

We work with established associates to offer a selection of Mexico Assistance Services that connect you to local professionals that can facilitate your efforts and help you to realize your plans.

Lifestyle Assistance

When you’re planning to pursue lifestyle choices in Mexico we can connect you to specialist lifestyle service providers.

Mexico Immigration Assistance

When you’re seeking legal residency in Mexico, our associate offers a personal consultation to help you plan your application strategy, answer any questions you have, and identify the best route for residency given your individual circumstances.

The service goes on to provide practical help and support as you make your own way through the immigration procedures.

Learn more about Immigration Assistance and make a service request.

Home moving and removals assistance

When you’ve made the decision to move to Mexico, you’ll need to consider how you’ll move your personal goods across borders. Our associate specializes in home removals, transportation, and storage of your personal goods when you move to, from, or within Mexico

Get assistance with moving your personal goods to, from or within Mexico

Insurance services

Our insurance associates offer a range of coverages to give you peace of mind as you develop your lifestyle activities in Mexico.

Auto insurance for your road trips in Mexico

When you bring your foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico, you need special insurance coverage that will cover you for third party liability, and a support service to help in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Learn more about how to drive properly insured and request a quote.

Insurance coverage for your house in Mexico

Insuring your Mexican home for unforeseen events and natural disasters helps to manage the risks of property ownership and mitigate the financial burden of repair and replacement of damaged and lost property.

Learn more about Mexico home insurance and get a quote online

Medical Evacuation from Mexico

If you’re covered by a medical plan in the USA, a Medical Evacuation insurance plan can help to get you home in an emergency, whether you’re in Mexico for a short visit, a fixed period, or living here long term.

Learn more and get a quote for Medical Evacuation from Mexico.

Leisure activities

Our travel associates offer custom made tours and our insurance associate provides insurance coverage for your visits to Mexico.

Travel & Trip Cancellation Insurance

If you plan to visit Mexico for short periods, a travel and trip cancellation insurance plan can cover you for a range of travel-related risks, including medical bills, and some policies also cover people travel to Mexico for medical procedures.

Learn more about short-term coverage and get a trip insurance quote

Resources for Living & Lifestyle in Mexico

Mexperience offers you a comprehensive online resource of information and local knowledge to help you discover Mexico, explore choices, find opportunities and plan a new life in Mexico.  Our resources include:

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