Detroit Social Users Divided Over Skilla Baby’s Eminem Comments

Skilla Baby sparked a debate on social media thanks to his opinion on Eminem and what Detroit natives think about his music. He shared his thoughts while appearing on the ‘Baby, This is Keke Palmer’ podcast.

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Skilla Baby Speaks On Detroit’s Best Rapper

While speaking with Keke Palmer, Skilla Baby argued that Eminem isn’t the top rapper from Detroit, noting that the title shifts due to inconsistent output from local artists.

“I don’t know, because if you think number wise Eminem is the best Detroit rapper. But the gag is nobody would say that in Detroit,” Skilla said.

When Keke asked Skilla who Detroit’s favorite rapper was, he said he wasn’t sure because everyone had their moment at the top in the city.

“Everybody had a turn being Detroit’s favorite rapper. Sada Baby had a turn, Tee Grizzley had a turn, Dugg had a turn, Babyface Ray had a turn, Veeze is one of Detroit’s best rappers, Baby Smoove. There’s a lot of artists that had their turn. Everybody had their turn being the best in the city. But, what we lack is consistency. Nobody has consistently been Detroit’s best rapper or favorite rapper,” Skilla continued.

Additionally, Skilla Baby stood on his point about Eminem. He claimed that while Detroit respects Eminem, he doesn’t believe the legendary rapper would currently be considered the city’s best rapper.

“But nobody in Detroit plays Eminem right now, I’m not gonna lie. And I was an Eminem fan as a kid. I’m a fan of Eminem, but do we consider him our best rapper. I don’t think Detroit does,” Skilla explained.

Rapper & Big Sean Hop In TSR Comment Section

Social media was divided by Skilla’s statements, but the Detroit-bred emcee jumped into The Shade Room comment section to acknowledge other greats from his hometown, including Kash Doll and Big Sean. Big Sean also hopped in to show love to Skilla.


@bigsean wrote, “Love Skilla.” 

Instagram user @brielle097 wrote, “That’s facts he’s word famous not Detroit famous lol.” 

Instagram user @detroitgottalent wrote, “We respect Eminem but we don’t listen to his music.” 

Another Instagram user @dappermann wrote, “Big Sean is the answer. And he is consistent.” 

While Instagram user @h_jedoo wrote, “Bruh Detroit itself was known to the word because of Eminem wtf they talking about them new generation better keep listening to Sexyy Red and stop give their opinion on real rappers.” 

Then Instagram user @jemelehill wrote, “If you’re not from Detroit (which I am), you won’t get this. People from Detroit have a lot of love and respect for Eminem, but there’s a disconnect most of y’all outside of Detroit wouldn’t understand. The majority of folks from Detroit aren’t going to say Eminem.” 

Instagram user @xhibit_a_ wrote, “So if there was a battle among cities y’all not sending Eminem as the best to represent y’all in the battle?” 

Lastly, Instagram user @tree.oxg wrote, “Nobody he named is close to Em career lol.” 

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