Digital 2024 January Global Report

Locowise is a proud data partner of the Global Digital Reports, published by Datareportal in partnership with We Are Social and Meltwater.

The first Global Digital Report round-up for 2024 reveals even more essential insights into digital behavior from users worldwide.

With more than 500 slides to explore, we’ve pulled together some of the top stories within the report:

Global Population and Mobile Device Usage Statistics

• United Nations World Population Prospects: 8.08 billion people, 74 million people increase since last year, 0.9 percent year-on-year growth.

• GSMA Intelligence: 5.61 billion unique mobile phone users, 69.4% of global population use mobile devices, a 2.5% increase since early 2023.

• Internet Usage: 5.35 billion global users, 1.8% growth in the past 12 months, 97 million new users since 2023.

5 Billion Social Media User Identities

• Global total of active social media user identities reached 5.04 billion as of 2024.

• This milestone comes ahead of Facebook’s twentieth birthday.

• Social media’s history began over 50 years ago with launched in 2004.

Connected Time Revisited

• Last year, internet usage declined by 5%, indicating a shift in usage patterns.

• Recent data shows a reversal of this trend.

• The average internet user now spends 6 hours and 40 minutes online daily, a 1% increase from last year.

• The difference in online time is closer to 3 minutes, not 4 minutes.

TV Time Decline

• GWI data shows internet users spend less time watching TV. Year-on-year decline of 8.2%.

• Q3 2023 research shows average internet user spends 17 minutes less watching TV content.

TikTok vs Instagram Ad Reach Comparison

• Bytedance’s expanded dataset for TikTok allows for data coverage in more countries. The data is representative of previous data but covers a wider range of markets.

• Anomalies persist, particularly in ad reach across the Middle East. Instagram’s global ad reach is 5.5% lower than Bytedance’s figure of 1.65 billion at the start of 2024.

• Bytedance only reports ad audience data for users aged 18 and above. Compared to Meta’s data, TikTok’s reported ad audience may be up to 30% larger than Instagram’s.

• TikTok is blocked in India, resulting in no reported ad reach. Instagram’s largest market is India, with Instagram ads reaching a total audience of 363 million in the country.

Dive deeper into the insights for context and analysis by reading the full report – for free! 

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