Directory of Stores, Supermarkets, & Services in Mexico

When you’re composing a budget for your living costs in Mexico, you’ll need to undertake some price research.

This article presents regularly updated directory of all the major stores, supermarkets, and service providers in Mexico with links to their websites. Most stores publish online catalogs and pricing so that you can gauge the cost of products and services.

Most sites listed are presented in Spanish. You can use Google to translate web pages online if you need to: visit Google Translate for details about how to do this.  (If your Spanish is a bit rusty, consider learning or improving your Spanish!)

Supermarkets in Mexico

Mexico is well-served by a range of US-style supermarkets and hypermarkets.  All of them have websites and most offer home-delivery options as well.

Department stores in Mexico

US-style department stores are situated in Mexico’s larger towns and cities, usually at larger shopping centers and major shopping malls.

Home and furniture stores

These are the principal specialist home and furniture stores in Mexico.  Larger towns and cities also have local or regional (often family-owned) stores selling furniture goods.  Check locally for details.

Pharmacies in Mexico

Mexico has pharmacies everywhere; even in the small towns.  The ones listed below are the principal national chains; local independent pharmacies are also present, especially in smaller towns and villages.  Most offer home delivery: check online, or telephone your nearest branch.

Communications services in Mexico

Modern communication services are wide available and reliable in Mexico, and the presence of several operators has kept prices competitive.

Sports stores and gyms in Mexico

Mexicans are fanatics of sports and gyms. Mexico ranks 5th in the world by number to gyms per capita.  Most of the better-equipped membership gyms are national or regional franchises, although local independent gyms also operate—check locally for details.

Sports stores in Mexico

These are the principal chain stores selling sports clothes and equipment in Mexico.  Some department stores also have sports sections.

Gyms in Mexico

There are principal gym chains across Mexico.  They usually charge an inscription fee plus a monthly subscription and have minimum contract lengths, usually a year, although they might be negotiable.  Check locally for details.

Food diners in Mexico (national chains)

Mexican food diners offer a-la-carte menus and daily specials, although local fondas offer an alternative, with lower prices for their meals.

Books and music stores in Mexico

Retail bookstores have diversified in recent years to offer a range of goods including music and DVDs—some also offer coffee shops in-store.

National cinema chains in Mexico

US blockbuster films are popular in Mexico and the two principal chains offer multi-plex centers with screens across the country.

Technology and electronics stores in Mexico

Although a lot of people purchase phones, computers and other electronics online, physical stores continue to ply a brisk trade for these in Mexico.

Banks in Mexico

Mexico’s banks have networks of branches and ATMs across the country.  These are the principal banks operating in Mexico; most are owned by one of the global banking groups.

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Insurance services

Mexico is well-served by a range of insurance companies; however, if you want to insure a foreign-plated (US/CDN) vehicle in Mexico, you’ll need a special insurance policy—see below for details.

Insuring foreign-plated vehicles

Foreign plated vehicles must be properly insured in Mexico.  Your home-issued insurance policy cannot cover you for third party damages.

Insurance companies in Mexico

All the world’s major insurance companies operate and are represented in Mexico.

Postal and courier services in Mexico

DHL, FedEx and UPS are the three principal international couriers operating in Mexico, and Estafeta is the largest domestic courier in Mexico.

Automobile agencies in Mexico

All major car brands are represented in Mexico including the world’s most luxurious car brands. VW, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and Kia, are the most popular.

App-cab (taxi) companies

If you have a Uber or Didi account based in your home country or Mexico, you can arrange for these app-cab services to transport you in Mexico.  Services are not available in all towns and cities, but they are available in the most popular/populated places.  Check on your phone app for details.

Housing: short-term rentals

If you’re seeking a short term rental in Mexico, various online marketplaces exist that offer rental of rooms, bungalows, and even entire apartments or homes on a short term basis.

Housing: long-term rentals

When you’re searching for a long term rental in Mexico, browse the major property portals that offer listings for all types of accommodations on long term basis (usually 6+ or 12+ months).

Housing: house purchases and sales

When you’re searching for a house to buy in Mexico, these are the major property portals that specialize in listing houses and land for sale.

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