Finding Suitable Accommodations for Your Lifestyle in Mexico

When you have decided on a place in Mexico to live, one of your first priorities will probably be to scout for and find a home to live in. Broadly, you’ll have to choose between renting or buying a house, although there are various choices and practicalities to consider as you search for and find a home for your lifestyle situation in Mexico.  This article shares key insights to help you.

Factors that may influence accommodation choices

Everyone’s situation has unique attributes when they’re moving, although there are several common factors that tend to influence the choices regarding accommodations, including:

  • how long you intend to stay in Mexico—shorter stays will usually preclude a home purchase, but not all people who intend to stay long term will buy a house;
  • your familiarity of Mexico—if you know Mexico and have friends or family here, this will likely influence your approach to finding accommodations; and
  • any existing arrangements—some people already have property in Mexico they can move into, although sometimes the property is in a different location to where they want to live now; also
  • specific circumstances and financial means—you might have specific reasons for wanting to rent or buy, and your decisions might be facilitated or restricted based on your financial means.

Renting before buying

If you do decide to buy property in Mexico, you might consider renting first to get a feel for the area(s) you’re thinking about moving into, before committing to a place or neighborhood—even if your preference is to buy and you have the financial means to do so.

If you already know the area you want to live in from previous experiences, you might only rent for a brief time in temporary accommodations while you scout for and buy a property in Mexico.  Some people buy soon after they arrive, perhaps on impulse, although most people rent (or stay with friends or family) at least for a short while beforehand.

Mexico’s house rental market

Most people who come to Mexico to live for the first time start out by renting a house here, and we recommend that people unfamiliar with the country begins by renting in the first instance—if only on a temporary basis.

Renting property gives you flexibility that can be helpful, although you’ll have to purchase a house in Mexico to benefit from the widest choice of property types available and obtain a dwelling space that suits your needs in detailed ways which rented properties are unlikely to be able to.  Renting property might also place other restrictions upon you; for example, many rentals don’t allow pets.

Rental properties are plentiful in Mexico, but the practicalities of finding a decent rental that is adequate for your needs takes time and effort, patience, and a degree of luck in respect of the listed properties during the timeframe that you are scouting the market.

Some real estate agents will help you scout for properties, although many agents prefer to only deal with property purchases and sales because the income available to them from rentals is materially lower than income generated from property sales.  If you intend to rent before you buy, let the agent know this, because some agents who don’t normally deal with rentals are sometimes prepared help potential future buyers to rent something locally in the near-term.

Buying a house in Mexico

People with intentions to stay longer in Mexico trend toward buying a property as soon as practical, as it can represent a better investment over the long term—provided that you choose wisely, that includes settling in a location that properly suits your lifestyle intentions, and that you don’t overpay for the property.  It’s better to buy less house in an optimum location than more house in a sub-optimal location.

Buying also gives you a much wider range of options than renting and enables you to shape the living spaces as you’d like them. It might also be sensible to buy sooner in a place where the market is buoyant, and prices are rising.

Choosing to buy a property in Mexico enables you to find a place that is more precisely suited to your lifestyle needs and can also encourage you to ‘put down roots’ in the location you have chosen—this is related to the level of commitment you have in relation to your move to Mexico.

Mexperience offers extensive articles and guides about real estate in Mexico that help you to discover the property market here, whether you are a buyer, an owner, or a seller.

Financing a property purchase

Many people moving to Mexico have capital available to them to purchase a home here —especially retirees— through investments and savings, or with equity that has accumulated in their existing home.

However, some people moving here might need or want to finance a home in Mexico.  Most foreign residents who buy property in Mexico do not need or seek credit, although real estate financing in Mexico is available through various specialized finance houses.  Our guide to real estate in Mexico includes a complete chapter about real estate finance.

Owning a house in Mexico

Home ownership is a responsibility whichever country your property is located in. Once you have moved to Mexico and taken possession of your home, whether you own your property in Mexico or are just renting it, there will be certain matters to organize and deal with on a regular basis to keep your house properly maintained and secured when you are home and away. With some local insights and forward planning, the maintenance and security of your home in Mexico should pose no major headaches or inconveniences.

Mexperience publishes a comprehensive guide to home maintenance and security in Mexico with tips and practical knowledge to help you manage your home in Mexico, keep it secure and prevent your Mexican home from falling into disrepair.

Insurance for your home in Mexico

Whether you’re buying or renting a home, it’s prudent to consider insurance for your home and personal possessions.

Mexico is subject to hurricanes (if your property is near the ocean) and earthquakes (whether you’re by the sea or inland) and it makes sense to protect your investment with an adequate home insurance coverage plan to protect your asset as well to cover you against third party liabilities, e.g., a tree falling onto your neighbor’s property and causing damage or injury.

If you’re only renting, you can buy an insurance plan to protect your personal items from loss due to flooding, burglary, etc.

Selling a house in Mexico

When you purchase property and eventually come to sell your home, there are different routes to market, agents to consider, processes to follow, and paperwork to organize.  Our guide to real estate in Mexico includes a full chapter dedicated to helping home sellers.

Further insight about selling your home in Mexico

Working with a local realty agent

Finding and working with a local realty professional can be a worthwhile investment.

A well-established agent will be able to provide you with insights into the local area and community, brief you about locales and neighborhoods that could be appropriate (or otherwise) for your needs; and when you buy a house with the help of an agent, they might also assist you by connecting you to local groups, associations and perhaps even new acquittances that could become friends.

Renting out your Mexican home

If you purchase a home in Mexico, you might plan to rent out your Mexican home, in part or in its entirety.  Mexperience offers helpful articles that share insights about this, and our guide to real estate includes a chapter about renting.

Further research and resources

Mexperience offers you a comprehensive online resource of information and local knowledge to help you discover Mexico, explore choices, find opportunities and plan a new life in Mexico.  Resources include:

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