How to Arrange Medical Evacuation from Mexico

When you’re visiting Mexico, or living here part of the year or full-time, you should consider having a medical evacuation insurance plan in place so that in the event you become seriously ill or injured, you can be flown to your home hospital of choice, to your own doctors, your health insurance network—and be near to your family and friends as you recover.

If you do not have a medical evacuation insurance plan that will bring you to your home hospital of choice and are hospitalized with a serious or critical condition, there are several things to consider:

Medical evacuation is expensive

If you’re not covered by a medical evacuation plan, the cost of a medical evacuation from Mexico to the United States or Canada may run from US$25,000 to US$60,000 for a dedicated air-ambulance to transport you from Mexico back to the US or Canada, and more if your home country is in Europe or Asia.

Hospitals and doctors may have air ambulance providers they recommend for such a transport if needed, but it is important to know exactly who is transporting you, their level of expertise, experience and if they are qualified for such a transport.

Who’s transporting you or your loved one?

The air ambulance industry is not as well regulated as people may expect.  There are FAA or similar requirements on aircraft to be maintained, nurses, medics and doctors need licenses, but the experience, the type of aircraft utilized for an evacuation, the medical equipment, and the level of care available can vary greatly and put you and your loved ones at risk if you choose the wrong provider.

Accreditation matters

Mark Jones, Vice Chairman of Air Ambulance Worldwide and industry expert explains that, “when time is of the essence during a critical medical emergency one of the key factors to ensure your care is provided by experienced flight nurses, medics and doctors and using state-of the art medically equipped aircraft is to choose either a  CAMTS of EURAMI accredited air ambulance provider.”

Less than 20% of the air ambulance companies achieve these levels of accreditation due to the rigorous inspections and standards of excellence required to ensure their patients a safe medical transport each and every time.  We recommend contacting Air Ambulance Worldwide, a EURAMI accredited provider with annual permits to transport you or a loved one should you need a medical evacuation.

Medical evacuation without coverage

If you don’t have evacuation coverage, you’ll be required make full payment upfront which can create a substantial financial burden on the patient and their loved ones to make such an arrangement during a critical time.  A highly accredited provider like Air Ambulance Worldwide has extensive experience of medical air-evacuation from Mexico and can help you mitigate these risks.

Membership plans versus regulated insurance plans

It’s important to choose a Medical Evacuation Insurance Plan that is regulated, compliant and only utilizes accredited air ambulance providers. Many of the membership and assistance plans available are unregulated and may utilize non-accredited air ambulance providers leaving you little recourse and substandard care.

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