How to Determine if Mexico is Right for Your Retirement

To determine whether Mexico is ‘right for your retirement’ you need to first determine whether Mexico is right for you.

Before you can assess whether Mexico is right for you and your situation, the matters concerning:

  • your approach to retirement in Mexico;
  • defining your intentions to move here; as well as
  • factors that may influence your choice of location; then
  • taking the time to settle-in properly to Mexico; and
  • finding balance in your day-to-day lifestyle in Mexico…

…are entirely relevant to potential retirees as well as anyone else considering a move to Mexico—see the links in the box titled Further Insights below for more details and articles on these topics.

In essence: If Mexico as a country to live in is right for you (and your partner, and family where relevant), then it’s highly likely that Mexico will suit you for retirement, and that you will be able to cultivate a healthy, wholesome, and fruitful retirement lifestyle here.

Conversely: However attractive or suitable Mexico might appear to you in terms of its climate and environment, amenities, services, and cost of living, if you (and/or those close to you) cannot adapt to Mexico —and create a retirement lifestyle here on Mexico’s terms— then you are unlikely to find contentment in retirement by being here.

Mexico offers an ample variety of places and benefits that can be especially attractive to retirees the resources for retirement in Mexico here on Mexperience help you to consider practical matters and compromises that future or budding retirees may have to consider as part of their deliberations and planning for a retirement lifestyle in Mexico.

Further research and resources

Mexperience offers you a comprehensive online resource of information and local knowledge to help you discover Mexico, explore choices, find opportunities and plan a new life in Mexico.

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