Jeremy Allen White Reveals Major Spoiler For The Bear Ahead of Season 3

We’re just days away from the premiere of The Bear Season 3, and as usual, details of the upcoming episodes have been kept under wraps.

But obviously, there are some things that we’re almost certain to see:

Carmy flying into a rage over his co-workers’ incompetence, Sydney once again proving that she’s the restaurant’s emotional and professional anchor, Fak saving the day with crucial but unintentional comic relief …

But one thing we won’t see, according to series star Jeremy Allen White, is any sort of romance between Carmy and Sydney,

According to TV Line, when White was asked during a recent press conference about the possibility of a ‘ship between the restaurateurs, he decisively shut down the speculation.

“No, there is no talk in the rooms about any romantic implication,” the Emmy winner remarked.

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White went on to reveal that while there’s no possibility of a romance, new layers to Carmy and Syd’s romance will be revealed in The Bear’s third season.

“He’s got a lot going on in his mind all the time, and people aren’t always aware of exactly what’s going on,” he told reporters.

“You’ll see, obviously, how that affects Carmy and Syd’s relationship. But I think Carmy is trying to welcome her in a little bit.”

White explained that The Bear Season 3 will pick up “not long after Season 2 ends.”

When last we checked in on Carmy, he was trapped in a walk-in cooler and forced to trust his kitchen comrades to execute a successful opening night at his newly opened fine dining establishment.

“I do get out of the walk-in refrigerator, and that’s good,” White joked.

But while he may have been forced to spend some time in the cooler, that doesn’t mean that Carmy has chilled out.

“I think Carmy does what he does, which is he sort of buries himself back into his work and really tries to challenge himself,” White explained.

“And in doing so, [he] really challenges everybody around him, and I think becomes quite challenging to be around as well.”

White went on to tease that we may see some major personal growth from Carmy this season.

“He’s been exposed to maybe a more evolved way of being, and I think he kind of sees a path to head towards,” the actor remarked.

“But it’s one thing to see the path, and it’s another thing to walk it. So I think like any kind of personal growth, it’s forward and back.”

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Frankly, we’re a bit relieved that Carmy and Syd won’t be pursuing a romance.

In addition to the fact that they both have love interests already, opposite-sex costars keeping their relationship purely professional/platonic is a nice change of pace at this point.

What do you think, TV fanatics?

Do you wish these chefs would heat things up together? Hit the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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