Our Team´s Latest Volunteering Efforts

Join us to delve into Journey Mexico’s latest volunteering efforts, where our team rolled up their sleeves and got hands-on across the country! As part of our commitment to responsible travel, it’s important to us that we seek out opportunities to make a difference in our communities. 


Cleaning Xochimilco in Mexico City

Most recently our team journeyed to Xochimilco, an incredible natural area in southern Mexico City, to collaborate on the Chinampas en Movimiento initiative with REEDUCA’s Martín Sanchez – one of our Positive Impact Partners. Check out our Instagram reel to see what the team got up to! 

Supporting Women in Puerto Vallarta

March marked Women’s Month, a time to honor the remarkable accomplishments of women past and present while shedding light on the ongoing challenges they face. In solidarity, we dedicated our efforts to combat feminicide, the most severe form of violence against women and girls. Teaming up with Puerto Vallarta’s Women’s Collective and Women’s Institute, we revitalized a memorial site, a poignant tribute to femicide victims. Our task included refurbishing 21 crosses, each symbolizing a precious life lost, and etching the names of the departed as a lasting homage.


Planting Trees Coast-to-Coast

As stewards of our planet, we also seized the opportunity on Earth Day to give back to Mother Nature. Our team planted saplings in their home cities across Mexico, where they’ll water and nurture them into life-giving trees, contributing to a greener tomorrow. 

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