Seeking Out Authentic Mexican Flavors at a Local Comedor

Mexico’s enormous range and diversity of native foods and flavors is reflected in its extensive selection of restaurants, diners, bistros, market food stalls, and other eateries which offer customers varied menus ranging from regional and traditional Mexican dishes to international specialties—and fusions of these.

Affordable flavor is cooking at your local fonda or comedor

When you fancy something to eat that’s authentically Mexican, seek out a local comedor. They are sometimes also referred to as fondas or cocinas económicas.

In Spanish, comedor means dining room or dining table, and in Mexico the word is also lent to describe places where you can sit down in an informal atmosphere and order from a set menu of the day’s dishes which feature delicious home-cooked meals prepared using fresh local produce.

Simple settings that are long on flavor

Comedores and fondas don’t feature shiny doors, air-conditioned dining rooms, or gimmicks like soulless toys dispatched alongside the food. More often the traditional ‘open kitchen’ comedores are situated in private patios, converted garages or other rooms in private houses—or at local markets.

Most comedores are family-run efforts and serve at least two or three ‘specials’ each day, plus a range of home-cooked ‘staple’ options, each one offered with a bowl of the day’s soup, and Mexican-style rice and beans on the side.

Also included in the price is the agua fresca —juice of the day— freshly prepared using seasonal fruit; or you can choose from a selection of sodas from the ice box. (Some places also offer a small selection of Mexican beers.)

Some places offer sopes and tacos with various topping and fillings; and some even offer a vegetarian option; and salads in lieu of rice or potatoes on the side.

Affordable and authentic cooking on your doorstep

A home-cooked authentic Mexican meal at a comedor, including soup and a drink, trades for between $80-$100 Mexican pesos: US$4-$5.  Beers and desserts (where offered) are extra.  Always remember to leave a tip!

Every town and city features local comedores and fondas; in larger towns and cities you’ll probably walk past a few without even trying too hard.  The best places to look are at the local markets (and vicinity); or better, ask someone locally for a recommendation.

Learn more about Mexican food and flavors

Mexico a treat for the senses when it comes to food and beverages. The fresh local produce and enormous variety of fruits, vegetables, pulses, and spices that are sourced from here create a colorful and fragrant festival for your taste buds.

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