Sofía Vergara Shares How Being in Her 50s Has Shaped Her Confidence

And one of those important factors is taking care of herself.

“I’m in a business where we’re always being looked at,” Sofía noted, “and now the cameras are high definition. It’s different to age as a normal woman in a normal job, but to age in front of a camera is completely different. And all of our insecurities become even bigger once you get older.”

Of course, there’s no shame in getting extra help, like undergoing plastic surgery, when it comes to looking and feeling her best.

“I want to feel good and not because what people are thinking of me,” she explained. “It’s for me. I want to feel fresh—not exhausted. You have to accept that you’re going to be different, but also I’m never afraid to do the best that I can. So, if there’s things I can do without going crazy, why not?”

At the end of the day, Sofía admitted she isn’t completely sold on the age before beauty concept.

“Listen,” she quipped. “if they had asked, ‘Do you want to stay an idiot, but young? I’m like, ‘Yes.’ I don’t want the f–king wisdom.”

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