Take a Walking Tour to Discover Ajijic near Lake Chapala

Situated at elevation on the shores of Mexico’s largest lake, the Lake Chapala towns and villages are home to one of the largest concentrations of American and Canadian residents anywhere in Mexico, and it’s also a popular tourist destination for people visiting the region in and around the nearby city of Guadalajara.

Greg Custer leads walking tours on Saturdays, which encompass key facets of the picturesque town of Ajijic, its history, culture, attractions, and ecology.  Greg has been visiting the Lake Chapala area for over 40 years and has been living here full-time since 2015.

Discover Ajijic intimately—on foot

The picturesque town of Ajijic is the best known of all the lakeside towns, and tends to be the one most sought-after by foreign residents considering a move to the area.  Its picturesque streets, cobbled alleyways, pleasant plazas, and agreeable treelined boardwalk along the lakeside offer an environment that is quintessentially colonial Mexico coupled with Anglicized stores and restaurants.

Greg Custer offers an insightful, informative, and entertaining walking tour of the village of Ajijic and its shoreline along Lake Chapala—Mexico’s largest natural lake.

The tours take three hours and include insights about local legends, ancient history, and a colorful constellation of characters who have impacted the Ajijic community.  This agreeable half-day outing is a moderately easy walking tour, with opportunities to rest, including a complimentary beverage from a local café as the small group explores the nooks and crannies of this charming mountain town and helps you delve into its heritage, appeal, and attractions.

The tour is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the area if you’re visiting the town for leisure.  If you’re planning a possible move to the Lake Chapala area, this small-group walking tour will provide you with helpful insights and vital local knowledge that can help you to consider your choices as you form your Mexico lifestyle plans.

Join a Walking Tour of Ajijic with Greg Custer

When: Every Saturday (subject to confirmation).
Tours start at 9:00 a.m. and finish around 12:00 p.m.

Where: Tours meet at El Gato Feo Café and La Estrellita Hotel.
Directions will be provided when you book.

Bookings: Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance, i.e. by 9 a.m. the preceeding Friday.

Difficulty: Moderately easy walking on the town’s streets, sidewalks, and along the lakeshore. Wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and bring along a sense of humor!

Group sizes: To ensure the best experience for all participants, group sizes are restricted to a a maximum eight guests.

Price: US$40 per person; US$75 per couple. Larger group discounts available. (US dollars.)

Make a request for your walking tour of Ajijic

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