When is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale in 2024? Sale Dates + What to Buy

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale summer 2024 edition is HERE, June 12 to July 16. As always, it offers up to 60% off in stores and online.

It’s the event shoppers eagerly wait for: the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Bargain-hunters love it because the retailer offers spectacular prices (up to 60% off!) on everything from bras to activewear both online and in stores. Here’s everything you need to know to save the most during this must-shop sale.

Highlights from the summer Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale:

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When Is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Happening in 2024?

Victoria’s Secret usually kicks off the summer edition of the Semi-Annual sale in June and the winter edition in December, right after Christmas. We expect the same timing in 2024.

  • Winter Sale: In 2023, the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual winter sale launched Dec. 26 online (Dec. 28 in stores) and ended the second week of January. In 2022, the sale launched online on Dec. 26, 2022 and ran until Jan. 11. Victoria’s Secret generally doesn’t disclose the end date of this sale, so be sure to shop when it’s announced every year so you don’t miss out.
  • Summer Sale: In 2024, the summer Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale kicked off June 12 with an end date of July 16. The summer sale 2023 launched online on June 8 and in-stores on June 3 and ran until July 19.

FYI: The dates for the adored sale change slightly every year, but the summer sale typically overlaps June and July, with the winter sale happening after during the holiday shopping season in December and continuing into early January.

How Long Does the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Last?

The sale typically lasts a couple of weeks, usually (although the most recent 2023 summer sale ran almost six weeks) — and everything is majorly picked over as you get closer to the end date. Pay attention, and don’t let it slip by without grabbing all the goodies you want!

What Can You Expect From the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

Based on the last few sales, you can expect amazing discounts of up to 60% off on select styles of your favorite bras, clothes and panties. We’re talking deals like panties from $3.99, bras for $14.99 and up, $25 sexy tee bras, $35 leggings, thongs for $7.99 and up, sleepwear from $20.99, and sport styles at very discounted prices. There are also great swim and lingerie deals. Time to stock up!

Don’t forget to look for Victoria’s Secret coupons and special offers that can stack up for even bigger discounts (including our cash back offer, which stacks with other discounts and promo codes).

Is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Also at Pink?

Absolutely! You can find many items from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink collection included in the Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual Sale at discounted prices. This includes 5-for-$30 panties, bras on sale, discounted swimwear, priced-down beauty items and more.

Is the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Worth Signing Up for Before the Sale?

Image: Victoria’s Secret

In short, shopping with a Victoria’s Secret credit card means you can save even more during their semiannual sale and every time you shop. Victoria’s Secret offers a credit card program that comes with various perks and benefits for cardholders. It also works for Pink stores. Here are some of the coveted perks that will pay off during the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale and beyond:

  1. Rewards Program: Cardholders earn rewards points for every dollar spent using the credit card. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for Victoria’s Secret rewards, such as discounts on future purchases.
  2. Birthday Rewards: Cardholders often receive special birthday rewards, which may include discounts or bonus points.
  3. Exclusive Offers: Credit card members may have access to exclusive offers and promotions, providing them with discounts on select merchandise or special deals.
  4. Early Access to Sales: Cardholders may get early access to Victoria’s Secret sales events, allowing them to shop before the general public and secure the best deals.
  5. Free Shipping: Some Victoria’s Secret credit cardholders may enjoy free shipping on eligible purchases made with a Victoria’s Secret credit card.
  6. Triple Points Events: Victoria’s Secret occasionally holds events where cardholders can earn triple points on their purchases, accelerating their rewards accumulation.
  7. Angel Rewards Program: The rewards program allows cardholders to earn even more benefits and perks based on their spending and loyalty to the brand.
  8. Flexible Payment Options: The card offers flexible payment options, including the ability to defer payments on certain purchases or choose a payment plan.
  9. Special Financing Offers: Cardholders may receive special financing offers, allowing them to make purchases and pay over time with little to no interest.

Our Favorite Finds During the Sale

These items are marked down during the summer 2024 edition of the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale:

Love Cloud Plunge Bra – $44.95 from $18.99

black lace bra

This bra is a longtime fan favorite! Lightly lined, but also lacey, it’s great for layering under summer tops. It enhances your shape while providing gentle support.

Tease Satin Lace-Trim Mini Slip $49.95 from $24.99

Available in a nostalgic design (and happy colors), this slip combines a little bit of lace with smooth satin for a luxurious effect. Every woman needs a slip she feels great in, and at this price, now is the time to buy!

Buy Now

Stretch Cotton Bikini Panty — 5 for $19.99

It’s time to stock up! One of the best parts of the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale is the bundled deals on panties. This time, you can get these Stretch Cotton Bikini ones at five per $19.99 (or $5.99 each, marked down from $14.59 each). There are more than a dozen patterns/colors to choose from, but expect the selection to dwindle as the sale rolls on.

Ribbed Modal Tee Short Set – $44.95 from $24.99


This comfy PJ set is perfect for lounging. It comes in four colors, and, thanks to the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is just $24.99.

Tips for Getting the Absolute Most out of the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

1. Look for deals on multiples. Often, Victoria’s Secret offers BOGO deals and other specials if you buy several pairs of panties or bras. For instance, we’ve gotten five panties for $15 in the past. Go ahead and buy — you know you’re going to wear them!

2. Try something new. Of course, we all love the chance to stock up on our favorites, but when prices are this low, it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your wings and try a new style or color. Don’t forget that Victoria’s Secret also sells nightwear, swimwear and workout clothes, so take advantage of the sale to expand your wardrobe.

3. Shop online. The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale takes place both in the physical stores and online, but shopping online is the place to beat the crowds. In addition, your local Victoria’s Secret might be sold out of your size, meaning you wasted a trip to the store. One more bonus of shopping online: You can take advantage of exclusive discounts and promotional codes! For example, always look for free shipping codes and stack that with a free gift and promo code.

4. Think ahead for gifts. The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is the perfect time to grab gifts without hurting your wallet. They have some great gifts for Valentine’s day, as well as bridal robes.

5. Sign up for an credit card. If you have a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, you often get early access to the Semi-Annual Sale, both in stores and online. This is especially great if you have a hard-to-find size or are looking for a very specific piece of lingerie. The card also comes with birthday perks, free shipping on orders containing bras and exclusive shopping rewards. Apply now to get $25 off your first purchase!

Remember that sale items are often available in limited quantities, so it’s a good idea to shop right when the sale starts for the best selection. Happy shopping!

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