One&Only Palmilla Introduces Hoshi: A Celestial Omakase Dining

One&Only Palmilla introduces Hoshi, an intimate 28-seat omakase dining venue nestled within the resort’s historic bell tower. Fusing traditional Japanese sensibilities with contemporary culinary techniques, Hoshi offers a distinctive journey through Japanese cuisine’s diverse tapestry. The name “Hoshi,” meaning “star” in Japanese, draws inspiration from the ancient tale of Vega, the Weaving Princess, and Kengyuu, her beloved from across the Milky Way. 

Led by Chef Hiroki Arai, Hoshi promises a seasonal omakase-style dining adventure, allowing guests to entrust the chef with curating a multi-course tasting menu spotlighting the freshest local seafood and premium imports from Japan. The debut menu features three multi-course options, showcasing sushi, sashimi, tempura, and robata dishes, such as Scallop Tartar with roe and tamanegi, Baja Chocolata Clam with yuzu kosho, and A5 Wagyu Robata with matcha salt, togarashi salt, and shiso ponzu. 

Chef Arai emphasizes Japanese cuisine’s renowned minimalist approach, allowing ingredients’ natural flavors to shine. Hoshi’s design echoes Japanese Shibui principles—simple, subtle, and unobtrusively beautiful. Guests are greeted by an ethereal sound and light emanating from the historic bell tower, honoring Hoshi’s legend and Palmilla’s rich heritage. Inside, sleek omakase counters and an intimate sake bar set the stage, complemented by atmospheric pendant lamps that enhance views of the Sea of Cortez with undulating light. 

Sergio Pereira, One&Only Regional Managing Director, Americas, expresses excitement about introducing Hoshi to guests and the Los Cabos community. With its debut at One&Only Palmilla, Hoshi marks its first venture outside Asia, inviting guests to savor an authentic Japanese culinary experience against the stunning backdrop of Los Cabos. Notably, signature dishes from sister restaurants at One&Only Desaru Coast, Malaysia, and One&Only Reethi Rah, The Maldives, will also grace the opening menu. Hoshi welcomes diners for dinner service every Tuesday through Sunday, from 6 pm to 10 pm, with reservations available via SevenRooms. 

new restaurant hoshi at one and only palmilla sushi
new sushi restaurant in los cabos at one only palmilla
new sushi restaurant in los cabos at one only palmilla
new sushi restaurant in los cabos at one only palmilla
o&o palmilla resort

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